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Swarovski crystal worlds in wattens

Embedded in a mysterious park, a glittering fairytale landscape awaits you that invites you to dream. In 1995, the multimedia artists André Heller created a place of wonder in 14 underground chambers for the 100th anniversary of Swarovski.

The constantly changing crystal dress of the rooms reflects the joy of innovation and dynamism as the top of maxims of the world's leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystal.

Zillertal alpine dairy experience with farm show

Experience in the show dairy the whole way of hay milk processing and production of hay milk products. Cheese, yoghurt, butter and much more are produced on 6000m2 of glazed production...

The alpine dairy Zillertal in only 15 kilometres away from us! We are proud to have such a company here with us in the Zillertal. Dates cheese with music

Nature ice palace at the hintertux glacier

The Nature Iche Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a worldwide unique natural jewel and an ideal year-round excursions destination for the whole family. NATUREISPALAST - dicovered by chance by Roman Erler! The entrance to the ice cave in only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the mountain station of Gletscherbus 3. Guided tours mean "Please enter" into a wonderful world deep under the ski slope. Visitors explore an accessible crevasse with magical ice stalactites, huge sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and even a glacial lake.

Spruce castle at the rosenalm

Every childhood is full of magic and magical moments - in the spruce castle with the spruce willies you and your family can rediscover this joie de vivre. Long, long ago, the industrious spruce gnomes came to the Rosenalm and lovingly built an extensive castle for the princely couple who are to live up there in the future.

Young and old guests of the Zillertal Arena can now let off steam while climbing on the climbing tower, sliding in the slide tower or working in the crane tower. The magnificent view of the surrounding mountains is best enjoyed from the 18m high observation tower. In addition to a spacious water play area and an adventure playground, the Fichtenwichtelbauhütte and the Kranturm offer little builders numerous opportunities to continue the work of the Fichtenwichtel.

Jenbach Museum

The museum with its 700 m2 floor space and 19 rooms is dedicated to the following themes, showing exhibits, photographs, and documents:
Industry: scythe manufacture, Jenbacher Werke, trains
Nature: butterflies, birds, fungi, snails, shells
Sport: alpine and winter sport
History: Jenbach, important people from Jenbach, the South Tyrol "Option" of 1939


Close by the Inn river, the medieval city of Rattenberg - the smallest in Austria - hugs the mountainside. Its 600 inhabitants live in restored town houses. Rattenberg is also called the "Glass City", offering everything that makes glass beautiful: engraved and painted glass, crystal glass, dishes, cups, bowls, etc. You can also watch glassblowers demostrate their skills.


The world's oldest steam-powered cog rail trains are over 117 years old. Whistling locomotives, hissing and steaming vents, pounding pistons, and hammering exhaust bursts guarantee an unforgettable steam train experience. Starting at the Jenbach train station, the journey to the Achensee takes 45 minutes and overcomes a gradient of 16 %. The Achensee is the largest lake of the Tyrol. There is a direct connection to the ships on the Achensee.


More than 100 years have passed since the Wolfsklamm was opened in Stans. Thousands of visitors have already visited this unique natural spectacle and the Stallenbach, with its gradient for white spray or emerald green glow in the depths, will continue to have its joy. The bridges and wooden footbridges are masterpieces of craftmanship and lead over 354m to the Georgenberg, where the Karwendel Alpine Park begins.


A majestic romantic fortress, Tratzberg Castle sits atop a massive rock ledge and commands a breathtaking view of the Inn valley. It has already servered Emperor Maximilian I. and the Fuggers as a hunting lodge and since 1848 it has been the private property of the Counts Enzenberg. The castle is considered one of the most beautiful Late-Gothic castles in Europe and the tour of the castle is not only historically fascinating, but unusual also in its richly entertaining character. 

Graveyard Museum "without the dead"

A trip to the city of Rattenberg is ideal for a visit of the so-called "exemplary cemetary". This cemetary "without the dead", which has been put together with a lot of hard work by the Guggenberger Family, beautiful examples of old craftsmanship have found a new home. Visitors are inspired by the inscriptions to consider life and death in a pleasant and contemplative atmosphere.


The Krimml Waterfalls - the largest in Europe - are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world with their impressive height of 380m over three steps. A hiking trail created by the Austrian Alpine Association (OeAV) leads directly to this breathtaking natural spectacle.Experience the refreshing spray rain and the impressive power of the water in the midst of the fantastic mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.


The Museum of the Coin of Hall - cradle of the Taler and today's Dollar - traces a past where wealth meant bare coin, money still had magical brilliance and currency was as hard as the material from which it was minted. Modern audio guides guide visitors through half a millennium of European coin history.


So close to heaven, in Europe's highest plaetarium. The first glance through a telescope is unforgettable for many people - bizzare lunar landscapes, the Jupiter cloud bands, the rings of Saturn, glittering star clusters carry our senses away to other worlds. Look through our telescopes and discover luminous gas nebulae or galaxies in the depths of space.


With a holiday in Innsbruck and the surrounding holiday villages, you are guaranteed unique experiences in BOTH the city and the mountains alike.Where else can you go from a fascinating medieval city centre up to the sunny terrace of a mountain restaurant at an altitude of 2,000 meters in barely 30 minutes? As you take a leisurely stroll through Innsbruck’s old town, don't forget to stop by in one of the many picturesque street cafés before you continue to explore the quaint alleys and medieval arcades with their unique shops full of charming, extravagant and often typical Tyrolean products. 


The Zeiss Planetarium in Schwaz is one step closer to heaven. With the help of precision devices, effect projectors, audio and video equipment, the events that take place about us in the cosmos are represented and explained. Due to the constant change of shows, the Zeiss Planetarium is a cosmic cinema.


Visit the interactive museum with their newly adapted show rooms dedicated to the life and times of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). The new "Children's World" invites young visitors on an exciting journey of discovery in the museum. Enjoy a magnificent view from the grandiose bay of the Golden Roof.


The only folklore museum in Western Austria presents more than 1,000 exhibits from the collection of the Tirol Africa connoisseur and photographer Gert  Chesi on an exhibition area of 1000m2. The largest part of the museum is dedicated to Africa and its art and culture; important Buddha depictions, along with Chinese excavations, form the core of the Asian collection.


More than 2000 animals of 150 species in the entire Alpine region invite you to an eventful visit to Europe's highest zoo. Both young and old feel at home in the Alpenzoo: the golden cockerel with its 5 grmas is a real lightweight, the bearded vulture with its 3m wingspan is the largest bird in the Alps. The special experience for the whole family!


Experience a fascinating adventure underground in the Schwaz silver mine. The exciting journey back in time to the silver medieval past begind with a first highlight: the ride on a train 800 metres deep into the Sigmund Erbstollen, which was excavated in 1491. The Schwaz miners had the est mining know-how of the time and made Schwaz the largest mining metropolis in Central Europe and the second largest town in the Habsburg Empire.


Among the most popular excursion destinations in Tyrol, the imposing "Kufstein Fortress" has long since secured a place for itself. The "journey through time at the adventure castle" has a magnetic effect on locals, day trippers and holidaymakers alike. The lavishly renovated fortress is the much admired and versatile jewel of the "Pearl of Tyrol" and today offers culture and history enthusiasts an astonishing range of impressions and services.


In our unique wax museum we show you handmade and very valuable wax figures in orginal size. Look at our fingers! During a visit to the candle world we offer you a free demonstration of the handmade candle art.


A ride on the Zillertal High Road is an unforgettable experience and offers everything your heart desires!

The Zillertal Höhenstraße is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Austria and offers every visitor a wonderful trip up to an altitude of 2,020m by car, by coach (up to 10.5m long), by bus to Melchboden and even by bicycle.